Be Proactive About Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance

With tight budgets and increasing overhead, La Quinta business owners might be tempted to cut costs by deferring or even eliminating maintenance programs. That could be a costly mistake. Here are four reasons why you should be proactive about your commercial HVAC maintenance.

Decreased Commercial HVAC Repairs

You can get away with deferred maintenance for a while, but it will eventually catch up with you. Poor maintenance means parts wear out, airflow is restricted, and grime builds up on the components, stressing your system and making it work overtime. All of this leads to costly, and increasingly frequent, commercial HVAC repairs. Repair costs can quickly outweigh the price of a preventive maintenance plan.

Increased Energy Savings

Data shows that HVAC systems account for more than 40 percent of commercial energy use. When your HVAC system starts to perform poorly because of lack of maintenance, efficiency decreases while utility bills steadily increase. Regular maintenance can decrease your energy use up to 20 percent. You’ll quickly recoup the cost of a service agreement with the savings you’ll realize by using less energy.

Eliminates Opportunity Cost

In La Quinta, air conditioning is necessary for physical comfort, but commercial AC also protects telecommunication and computer systems. If you neglect maintenance and don’t maintain proper humidity and temperature levels, these systems can shut down, temporarily halting your business. What opportunities might you miss during this interruption of service?

Happy Employees

There’s a hidden benefit of proactive commercial HVAC maintenance that La Quinta business owners often overlook. Researchers found that an efficient HVAC system leads to happier and healthier employees. Pleasant working conditions positively affect your bottom line in several ways:

  • Improved indoor air quality reduces sick time
  • Comfortable temperatures increase productivity
  • Quiet operation eliminates noise distractions

Proactive maintenance is a smart way to save money and safeguard your HVAC investment. To learn more about commercial HVAC maintenance, check out our commercial HVAC services or call (760) 772-4947.

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