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Ductless AC

Ductless AC units, also called mini-split systems, are becoming more and more popular these days. This could be due to how energy efficient they are. Or it could be attributed to how adaptable and east-to-install these units are.

Ductless air conditioning systems work in situations where traditional units would be inefficient. They are also very useful in areas that simply do not have enough space for a traditional unit or the installation of ductwork.

The Basics of Ductless AC

Ductless AC systems are usually made up of two main components. The first is an air handler, which is mounted indoors to the wall or ceiling. The second is a compressor located outside.

The air handler and the compressor are connected by a conduit, containing the suction and refrigerant tubing, as well as the power line. A condensate drain also leads outside to the compressor.

Some ductless systems have up to four air handlers connected to the external compressor. These separate air handlers can be installed in different rooms or can be used to create multiple temperature zones in a large home or light commercial space.

Why Go With Ductless Air Conditioning?

Many homes and other buildings may not have the room necessary to install ductwork. Ductless air conditioners do not need the abundance of space required by traditional units and its needed ductwork. Since there is no ductwork, installing them is normally quicker than traditional air conditioners

There are many instances when ductless systems will be far more effective than installing a traditional unit. They can also be a better choice than adding to an existing system.

Before an air conditioning system is installed, a load calculation is completed that determines the system size that will be needed to adequately cool the building. When you add ductwork onto an already established system, the load may be more than the system can handle.

This extra strain can cause the system to be far less effective and efficient. It can also shorten the life of the air conditioner.

One of the most compelling reasons to go ductless is the potential savings. Ductless air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient than traditional units. Not only can you save on your monthly utilities, but you may qualify for a federal tax credit and local energy incentives, depending on the model.

Ductless Applications

New additions and conversions are ideal for ductless AC units. Ductless systems are viable cooling solutions for sunrooms or finishing a basement. These systems can also be used to create a climate controlled garage or storage space.

If you are not sure whether or not a ductless system is right for you or your Indio, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, CA and surrounding desert cities home, call to discuss your situation with one of our comfort advisor experts. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and go over all your options.

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