DIY AC Maintenance

Many Palm Desert, California homeowners feel perfectly comfortable handling their own basic AC maintenance themselves. If you’re a fairly handy type, you may feel confident enough to try tackling the following key do-it-yourself AC maintenance tasks to help get your air conditioner in tip-top shape for summer:

Change Your Air Filter

Starting the summer season with a new, perfectly clean air filter will give your AC system a good head start for handling the cooling challenges that lie ahead. AC air filters are designed to trap dirt, debris and other particulates, preventing them from entering the system as the air is drawn in from outside and compromising your air conditioner’s proper operation. That’s why it’s vital to keep these filters clean at all times.

Clean the Condensate Line

Make sure the condensate line, which drains water from the unit, is clear by pouring a diluted bleach solution through the line. A clogged drain line causes moisture to build up inside the unit, preventing your AC system from properly controlling indoor humidity.

Clear Away Debris

If you own a split system, be sure to clear away any vegetation or other debris that has built up around the outside unit since last summer.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Whether or not you’re handy enough to follow the DIY steps listed above, one of the biggest favors you can do for your family is to schedule a pre-summer tune-up for your AC system. Professional AC maintenance will help ensure that your system is operating safely, effectively and at optimal energy efficiency.

Be Ready when Summer Hits

Understanding your air conditioner and how it works will arm you to take better care of the system that keeps you cool all summer. And taking the steps above will help you make sure your AC is ready for optimal performance when summer hits. To schedule your high-quality springtime AC tune-up, call All Knight Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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