Has Your Commercial Heating System Been Struggling Lateley?

Your La Quinta, CA’s commercial heating system not only keeps your building’s temperature consistent, but it directly impacts your staff’s productivity, the building’s safety, and your energy costs. If you’re unsure how well your heating system is working, here are some common problems of struggling heating systems. Call for commercial heating repairs immediately when any of these signs are present in your building.

Inconsistent Heating

Do parts of your building feel warmer than others? Does hot air flow from some vents more than others? Is the heating system kicking on and off irregularly?

These are clear signs that your heating system needs some attention. Minor issues like dirty filters and obstructed ductwork can cause inconsistent heating, and so can a short-cycling system or system with failing mechanical parts. The fastest way to solve this problem is to hire qualified service technicians to inspect the unit, diagnose the problem, and repair it.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Have you noticed your employees are calling in sick more often? Has dust accumulated more rapidly throughout your building? You may have even noticed unpleasant odors in the space. These are signs of diminished indoor air quality, and your building’s commercial heating system might be the culprit.

Dirty, poorly maintained, or damaged heating units can affect your building’s air quality. When heating systems are damaged, they make improper filtration more likely, resulting in more contaminants circulating through the air. They can also release dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide. Commercial heating repairs can quickly fix these problems and improve your building’s indoor air quality.

Keep Your Commercial Heating System Running Better with Routine Maintenance

Many commercial building owners rely on maintenance staff to handle filter replacement and other minor HVAC maintenance tasks. However, hiring qualified service technicians with HVAC backgrounds is the better way to ensure your system’s efficiency and longevity. To learn more about professional routine maintenance services or to schedule commercial heating repairs, call All Knight Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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