HVAC efficiency is essential in your Rancho Mirage, California, home, especially during the hot summer months. The good news is, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, reduce your energy use, and lower your utility bills with a smart thermostat. Check out some of the ways that you can improve the efficiency of your system by adding a smart thermostat.

Learning Capability

Smart thermostats come with the capability to learn your energy habits as well as what your desired comfort level is. They will make self-adjustments that can save you energy while keeping your home at the temperatures you want. Your thermostat will also provide you with detailed energy reports and tips so that you can make adjustments yourself to maximize your energy use.

Easier Programming

Programming a smart thermostat is simple. You can set your program to use less energy when you are away, giving your system a break and allowing it to operate more efficiently. They also come with vacation mode settings that you can turn on when you plan to be away for an extended period.

Remote Access

Making adjustments to your thermostat is as simple as logging into an app on your smartphone and making the changes you need. Planning to be away from home longer than expected? You no longer need to worry about wasting energy when you are gone.

Maintenance Reminders

Many smart thermostat models come with added features such as maintenance reminders. If your filter becomes dirty or clogged, you will receive a notification when it is time to change it. Keeping your system well-maintained is one of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your system and improve its longevity.

Want to see how installing a smart thermostat in your home can help improve your system’s energy efficiency? Contact us at (760) 772-4947 today. One of our All Knight Heating & Air Conditioning specialists will help find the best model to suit your specific needs.

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