Is My Thermostat Compromising My Indoor Comfort?

When Palm Desert, California, temperatures rise or drop outside, it’s natural to want to stay comfortable indoors. But did you know your thermostat may actually be compromising your indoor comfort?

The ‘Auto’ Setting

This is the “set it and forget it” for your thermostat. The fans run automatically when the unit is maintaining indoor temperature. The AC fan runs and then stops when the room is cool enough, then starts again if your space warms too much while not running.

The Auto setting keeps all rooms at the set temperature, whether or not they are being used. This wastes energy and can cost you money unnecessarily.

The Thermostat War

Ever come home and immediately feel that the thermostat wasn’t what you set it to? Or maybe you wake up at night tossing and turning because the thermostat was turned up.

Thermostat wars are irritating for you and bad for your system. The start/stop of the fan and the constant cycle of cooling the air and then stopping it mid-cycle causes extra wear and tear.

Plus, the overworked system is now spending energy and money to make the house too cold for some people.

What To Do?

Zoning your home is the perfect way to be comfortable in every room without wearing out your system prematurely and actually saving you money. Each area is zoned by a thermostat and remote. The system fan can run all the time in whatever area is chosen if you wish to improve indoor air quality, and no energy is used in rooms that aren’t in us. This often solves the temperature wars also as different parts of the home can be different temperatures.

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