Keep Your HVAC System Efficient

In residential homes, the HVAC system is one of the most critical items to creating a comfortable and well-running home. Unless you properly maintain it, it will cost you even more in terms of repairs and utility bills. Here are steps to ensure your HVAC system is efficient in the arid weather in Indio, CA.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

You can ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently by insulating your home. Your equipment may be new, but if it overworks, it can wear down components prematurely. Insulate your attic and check the window frames for any signs of damage.

Avoid leaving your electronic devices and incandescent bulbs running, as they increase indoor heat. Vents should remain open and without obstruction to allow air to flow freely. Clean the outdoor unit several times a year, especially if it is set flat on a concrete slab. Check to make sure landscape plants are trimmed and at least three feet away from the outdoor compressor.

Consider Home Automation

Your home automation system may incorporate a smart thermostat, which is useful at regulating temperatures. It often has wireless and IoT devices capabilities that make it more convenient to operate remotely.

A smart thermostat can use weather information to control air conditioning in the home. Your HVAC system may also incorporate motion sensors that detect when someone is in the house. A sound combination of automation features can reduce energy consumption and maximize your comfort.

Commit to Regular HVAC System Maintenance

Loose connections and faulty parts can cause your heating and cooling system to become inoperable. Make a point of scheduling a tune-up for your HVAC at least twice a year to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

You can avoid costly repairs and unnecessary breakdowns by consulting our NATE-Certified technicians. All Knight Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, provides prompt HVAC services to residents of Indio, CA.

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