Replacing the filter on your La Quinta, CA, furnace every so often helps to keep the HVAC system running properly. Discover five problems that you can avoid by making sure the air filter never becomes too dirty.

Heat Exchanger Damage

A dirty air filter causes a restriction of airflow. The heat exchanger becomes too hot if the air restriction continues for too long. If the heat exchanger experiences extensive damage, then you’ll need to schedule a heating repair appointment.

Increased Heating Bill

Your furnace has difficulty operating at its peak efficiency when a dirty air filter causes the system to work harder than it should. You’ll notice higher power bills when the furnace must use more energy to perform its job

Reduction in Air Quality

A clogged air filter won’t remove dirt, dust, and other debris from your living environment properly. This negatively affects your home’s indoor air quality. Make sure that you replace the air filter so that family members with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues don’t unnecessarily suffer.

Furnace Shutdown

If you allow an air filter to become so clogged that airflow becomes overly restricted, then you might experience a complete furnace shutdown. This happens when damage occurs to any of the following parts:

  • Pressure switch
  • Heat exchanger
  • Fan

Allowing the furnace to shut down entirely often results in an expensive repair bill. Avoid the situation by replacing the air filter every three to six months.

Inability to Reach Necessary Temperatures

The furnace’s internal fan can’t blow air through a clogged filter efficiently and the situation causes cold spots to occur in certain areas of the home. Help your furnace reach the desired temperature and evenly distribute heat by keeping the filter clean.

Have you experienced furnace damage due to a dirty air filter? Contact All Knight Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule your next furnace maintenance appointment.

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