There are a lot of factors that affect your air conditioning and indoor air quality in Indio, CA. Although pets are part of your family, they can affect your air conditioner and its ability to keep you comfortable. Here is how your pet impacts your AC system.

Indoor Unit Clogs

If you have pets with thick fur, you may notice that they shed quite a bit. This hair can get into your vents and clog the interior HVAC unit, making it work harder to run. This can cause efficiency problems and raise your energy bills.

Dirty Filters

Pet fur and dander is one of the leading causes of allergies. If your pet is mostly indoors, you must pay attention to your filters since your allergies might worsen when the filters are dirty. Additionally, the filters might get dirtier sooner, meaning they must be changed frequently.

If your pets have long hair, bathe and brush them often to remove the lingering hair. It is also a good idea to dust and vacuum your home frequently to improve your home’s air quality.

Affects the Outdoor Unit

Pets such as dogs mark their territory, and your AC unit can be the next territory to mark. Unfortunately, once the dog marks the outdoor unit it can corrode through the metal casing of your AC.

If needed, build a small fence to discourage the dog from going near the unit. Odor sprays can also prevent the dog from choosing this spot to mark also.


If you’re a bird lover, there is a chance that your pet is infested by mites. Mites could transfer to the ductwork of your AC. Thoroughly clean your ducts if mites have been discovered elsewhere in your house.

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