Why is There Ice on My Air Conditioning Cooling Coils?

During the hot summer months in Indian Wells, California, the last thing you would expect to see is ice forming on the outside of your air conditioning unit. If not fixed in a timely manner, ice build up, which is not normal, can lead to issues with the performance of your air conditioning or result in a breakdown of the system. Let’s look at two reasons why you might see ice on your air conditioner.

The Air Conditioning Refrigerant Is Low

The chemicals in the refrigerant are instrumental in cooling your home. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the inside of your house and transfers it to the outside. If the refrigerant is low, then it cannot absorb the heat, and the cold liquid eventually freezes up the evaporator coils and drain lines. Having low refrigerant is not normal and it means there is a leak in the system somewhere. Only a licensed HVAC professional can fix and add refrigerant to the system, don’t try to do this yourself.

The Evaporator Coil Is Dirty

Poor airflow is a major cause of ice build-up on the air conditioning system. If the air filters are dirty or clogged, they don’t allow sufficient warm air to blow over the coils and they eventually freeze up.

Over time, dirt builds up on the evaporator coil creating a barrier for the warm air that circulates over them. The refrigerant inside of the coils is quite cold, and without warm air to heat the coils, they quickly ice up. Preventive maintenance can help to eliminate ice building up on the system. When the filters and coils are regularly cleaned and the refrigerant levels are checked, any issues are resolved before they become a problem.

If you notice that your air conditioner is not cooling your home properly or that ice is building up, call us at All Knight Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. right away so we can fix the problem. Our team of experts is ready to speak with you at (760) 772-4947.

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